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Solestine M. Lancaster CPA Now Offering Quickbooks Small Business Services

SML, CPA has expanded our services to include monthly Quickbooks Small Business Services (QB SBS).

All businesses require bookkeeping, accounting, tax and financial expertise. SML, CPA already offers this expert personal and business tax preparation services, and, we are now offering additional expertise through regular monthly accounting utilizing QuickBooks Accounting Software that enables our clients to:

  • Have business tax returns completed by the first due date

  • Have monthly financial reports i.e., Profit & Loss by Month, and Profit & Loss previous month and year comparisons

  • The ability to make timely retirement contributions

  • Internal financial statements for certifications, banks, investors

  • and, to be more proactive regarding all of your business financial needs

With the overall financial management of your company through QB SBS, SML CPA can also provide planning sessions that address:

  • Financial goals and benchmarks

  • Cash flow management

  • Debt management

  • The financial/tax impact of planning for retirement

  • and, business transition planning.

QB SBS supports what you needs to plan, prepare and make important financial and life decisions. This service ensures that you have all available financial information needed, accurately and timely.

Our goal is to partner with our clients as a team to make the financial aspect of running your business one you can be confident is up-to-date, accurate and ready for the next tax deadline as well as the next steps in your business.

If you have a tax or business accounting need please contact our QB Team to schedule a consultation at (704) 343-2705 or email us at

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