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Small Business Services Offered

Small Business Services-QuickBooks (SBS-QB) supports you to stay on top of your financial record-keeping responsibilities. SBS-QB is a monthly accounting service using QuickBooks Accounting Software.

With timely and accurate financial statements, you can better manage income taxes due, plan for service or product expansion, or provide financials for leases, bonding or the inevitable bank financing.

The Benefits to You Are

  • critical business tasks performed for you and you are never behind

  • never a need to pull together tax data at the end of the year for your tax returns

  • quarterly profit and loss statements provided

  • periodic review of your data with your CPA

  • you can plan and implement strategies to reduce your taxes

  • the service fee is fixed monthly and is tax deductible

  • a discount is provided for business tax return preparation, and

  • No more extensions needed

If you are in need of these valuable services please give us a call at 704.343.2705, or email us at, or click on this link to make an appointment.

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